2011 Steamboat Celebration

2011 marks the bicentennial of an event that changed the course of history in North America and the world. In 1811, Nicholas Roosevelt did what many thought impossible; he successfully guided a steamboat up and down the Ohio River and eventually to New Orleans, a major feat for the time.

The weekend of October 14 – 16, 2011, the "Steamboat Celebration in Madison, Indiana" will be held. Several organizations are working together to make this weekend one of the Steamboat Celebration highlights of the year. The Rivers Institute at Hanover College and the Belles of Louisville and Cincinnati are proud to partner in an event that will educate and celebrate this turning point in history. The public from the Madison, Louisville, and Cincinnati and beyond areas are invited to any or all of the cruises offered.

Both Belles will travel from their home states (with passengers) on Friday, October 14th. That evening both Belles will offer a Moonlight cruise. The following day, Saturday, October 15th, docked boat tours, a lunch cruise aboard the Belle of Cincinnati, the Bicentennial Steamboat Race and a Belle Ball aboard both boats will be available. Sunday, October 16th will be the final day of the weekend-long celebration with a brunch cruise aboard both Belles and then the boats will make their way home.

Madison's Soup, Stew, Chili & Brew festival will also be held this same weekend. This community based celebration of food and music on Main Street in Madison, Indiana will include judging in three categories: Soup, Stew & Chili. Tasting opportunities will be available for a donation and live music will be available all day. This year will feature celebrity judge Wayne Johnson, a Lifestyle Contributor at NBCUniversal!

The Lanier Mansion will be hosting a Legacy of Steam Power Show on October 15 & 16. Participants can see working steam powered machines, including the famous Stanley Steamer automobile, learn about how steam and water power have helped build the economy in Indiana, enjoy two days of machines, tools, talks, music and more. Hands-on area for children will provide fun fall activities!

Many other events will be happening throughout 2011 all along the Ohio River. For more information regarding the 2011 Steamboat Celebration and the Rivers Institute visit /rivers.hanover.edu/newsevents/bicentennialbelle.php

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