Gallery 115

Gallery 115
August 9, 2012 Visit Madison

When I think of the arts in Madison, Eric Phagan always comes to mind.  With his outstanding work, long list of awards and exhibitions, and now new gallery on Main Street, he is becoming well known here in Madison.

Eric’s work used to be displayed in the front window of Binzer’s Faming, but now he has his own gallery. Gallery 115 is located at 115 East Main, in downtown Madison. The Phagans have transformed this beautiful historic building above and below. The upstairs has been restored to be a large apartment, and they have put in a little café in the back. My wife, daughter and I shared a piece of carrot cake, Delicious!

In addition to the artwork on display, this building is also a studio work space for the artist. Depending on the day, you get a glimpse of Eric working on a piece on the open level above the café.  And be sure to go up to this area to see the more  “nontraditional” pieces he has on display.

You can view some of Eric’s work here, or just simply do a google image search for “Eric Phagan.”  However, I think all artwork looks better in person, so I recommend stopping in to 115 East Main to take a look around, and maybe grab a snack, too.



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