Start your Saturday right

Start your Saturday right
August 1, 2012 Visit Madison

Is there anything that stimulates the appetite quite like the aroma of chopped onions and peppers being thrown on a hot griddle?  If you can imagine that tantalizing sizzle, you’re ready to jump-start your weekend at Madison’s Farmers Market.

On Saturday mornings you’ll find Gary Duckworth, spatula in hand, tossing those veggies on the grill at his open-air breakfast cafe at the Broadway Fountain. The veggies are followed by some whisked eggs and some of Gary’s homemade salsa. Voila! It’s an amazing veggie omelet. There’s no better way to start a Saturday.

Of course you could also choose blueberry pancakes or French toast. It’s all good.Gary’s wife Suzan takes your order and gets your coffee.

While you’re waiting for your breakfast, take a quick turn around the produce stands. You probably want to snatch up whatever’s in short supply, because it may not be there by the time you come back.

This week I slept in too late and missed out on the blackberries and green beans. There were plenty of homegrown tomatoes and sweet corn for everybody though. This is a great time of year.

With breakfast in hand, you can find a place to sit among the tables and umbrellas on Broadway. No need to find a table to yourself. Everybody shares tables, and that’s how you catch up on the local news. Folks often arrive with children and grandchildren, for whom breakfast outdoors by the fountain is a special treat.

Live music makes Farmers Market an event. Singer-songwriter Kriss Luckett-Ziesemer is the featured performer this summer. She has a voice that slides you gently into the day.

With your belly full, carrying a sack of produce and humming a tune, you’re ready to make the most of your weekend.


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