Hummingbird Cake Plus a Humming Bird

Hummingbird Cake Plus a Humming Bird
September 21, 2012 Visit Madison

Wednesday afternoon my wife and I took the winding county roads out to Stream Cliff Herb Farm, where we had a snack in the Twigs and Sprigs Tearoom. We topped off our lunch with a slice of their famous Hummingbird Cake. In fact, it was our wedding cake, from right there at Stream Cliff, and Wednesday was our anniversary. My wife and I were very fortunate to have our wedding at Stream Cliff Farms. This isn’t normally permitted there.

Okay, so the Hummingbird cake isn’t made from Hummingbirds. It’s a hearty mix of banana, pineapple, walnuts, spices and cream cheese frosting. It looks like the first published recipe was in Southern Living in 1978, but they have a few new takes on it here. I’m not sure why it’s called “Hummingbird” cake; the most common theory is because of its sweetness, but here are a few others.

While my wife, my daughter and I were sharing a piece of our anniversary cake my daughter spotted a hummingbird resting on a wire. I did not know hummingbirds rested. I usually see them as just a blur with a beak. But this bird sat still for a moment, enjoying the simple pleasure of day, like we were, before flying off in a flash.

It really was a beautiful day to sit on the porch of the tearoom and enjoy nature. We left the farm that day with three new perennials to plant in our yard and a sugar buzz from the tasty cake. If you haven’t been out to Commiskey to visit Stream Cliff Herb Farm, I suggest you make the trip before the Tearoom closes for the season on October 21.



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