The Collection of Joeyg Art Sale

The Collection of Joeyg Art Sale
March 7, 2013 Visit Madison

Back in November I wrote an entry about the art collection of Joeyg. Now everyone has a great opportunity to see the remainder of Joey’s personal collection, as well as purchase one of these pieces at a greatly reduced price. If you are an aspiring art collector with a very tight budget, this is the time to acquire some great original art. There will be a special reception and art sale for “The Collection of Joeyg” on Sunday, March 10th at Joeyg’s Restaurant and Nightclub from 2 to 5 pm. The sale is open to the public.

 “Joeyg collected pieces he loved from artists he admired all through the years. This collection is a testament of one man’s love and passion for ART.” 

– Patty Cooper Wells, friend of Joeyg and curator of the “On the Wall” art gallery.

These are original works, Paintings, 3-D art, photographs, prints, and collectible pop-culture and art posters.  The late Joseph Gayles, aka “Joeyg” collected regional art from the places he lived throughout his life including: Louisville, Memphis, Columbus, OH, and Madison, IN. Many artists whose works are in the collection exhibited at Joeyg’s “On the Wall” gallery in Madison from 2000 through 2013.

Artists represented in the collection include: Jenna Watkins, Patty Cooper Wells, Leslie Gabbard, Bill Lackner, Mick Creech, Eric Phagan, Lou Knoble, Loretta Vinson, Kevin Carlson, Dave Petry, David Hammond, Melodie Y. Ramey, Migoet, Mike Hubbard, Jane Vonderhiede (formerly Devito), Beejay Elles, The Grand Conundrum, Rachel Roos, Cindie Vanderbur, Barb Ison, Paul Mailin, Gigi Straub, Fredrick Stan Yader, Christie Campbell, and more!

There are also two original photographic prints by Joeyg, himself, that will be for sale. Most are unaware that he studied art at the Columbus College of Art and Design and was an accomplished fine-art photographer.

There are over 58 pieces in the collection, half of which are on display now until March 10th in the “On the Wall” Gallery, and half only being on display the day of the sale due to space limitations. Works will be priced at 75% off their retail value. There will be a price list available with information about each piece, and people can still bargain beyond that by making an offer if they wish. Cheri Gayles will decide whether to decline or accept such offer, and Patty will “field” the requests.

Even if you’re not in the market for a new painting or photograph, you can still stop in and see a great collection of local and regional art. There will be refreshments and “On the Wall” curator Patty Cooper Wells will be on hand to talk to people about the art.

I hope to see lots of art lovers there!



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