Long Live the Queens

Long Live the Queens
July 10, 2013 Visit Madison

There is something magic that happens on Madison’s riverfront during the summer season – the return of the Queen of the Mississippi and the American Queen.  These majestic paddlewheelers create quite the buzz when they dock on the riverfront.  You can almost picture yourself as Scarlet O’Hara flirting with a riverboat rogue as you travel up the mighty Ohio River. The Queens evoke a sense of romance and adventure and transport you back in time.  Or maybe it’s just a longing for what we imagine is a simpler life.

When these grande dames steam into town, you ‘ll see crowds lined up along the riverbank just to get a glimpse of these beauties.  Even though you can’t board and tour the “ladies”, you can imagine relaxing on the river, touring small town America and getting a real life look at travel in the 1800s.

Where can you see such a rare sight?  Only in a handful of small towns along the nation’s waterways.  If you have the opportunity to see the Queens while they are visiting, take it.  You won’t be sorry.  Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture this rare piece of history.

Due to high water on the Mississippi River, the Queens have added a couple of additional stops in Madison.  Here is the current schedule (stops & times subject to change due to river conditions):

July 11, Queen of the Mississippi, 2:30-5pm
July 12, American Queen, 8am-1pm
July 14, Queen of the Mississippi, 9-11:45am
July 25-26, Queen of the Mississippi, 6pm-noon
July 26, American Queen, 8am-1pm
July 27-28, Queen of the Mississippi, 10pm-1pm


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