Sure Beats Swimming Across the River

Sure Beats Swimming Across the River
April 4, 2014 Visit Madison

I usually talk about food, however, with the Milton-Madison bridge closed during Janet Rockin Tconstruction, we have two wonder Captains who stepped up to assist our weary travelers going back and forth between the two towns. Janet and Paul from the Rockin’ Thunder Boat Rides have stepped up to help transport residents back and forth across the river. It has been a nasty weather week with downpours, lightning, rough waters, flooding with lots of driftwood, and cleaning out driftwood from the boat’s intake; however, they transported almost 1000 residents, cats and dogs back and forth to the other side.

Paul thumbs upKay Lou and I were down enjoying the excitement watching as bank employees, residents and other business employees made the ride. Several residents of Milton came to Madison to get food to take back. People in line were very patient waiting in line to be next to put on the life jackets; and it turned into a social event with many coming down to the riverfront to watch the excitement. I have talked to several making the trip around by way of Markland Dam and they average 90 minutes not to mention extra gas and frustrations.

We as a community are very blessed when local residents step up to help others. Residents like, Bob Canida, Benny Newell, and Bobby Schaefer began helping friends across. Then Lucas Soule from the Eagle Hollow Marina brought his dock down from upstream and installed it in Madison, otherwise boats couldn’t get in and out quickly.MPC Rockin Thunder

Janet and Paul will be starting their season later in May, and if you haven’t had a chance to enjoy a ride with them, please get down there this summer. Kay Lou and I have been on numerous trips, up the Kentucky River with the Presbyterians, on spins with my Youth Group and invited the whole group of volunteers of the Madison Mission Week.MPC Rockin T

So if you see Janet or Paul please thank them for stepping up for our community.


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