Mad Hop Music Festival 2022

Mad Hop Music Festival 2022
April 12, 2022

Because Madison is known as Indiana’s Music City, it would only be natural for us to be home to several iconic music events. One of our newest and biggest music festivals of the year is coming up on April 30th! Mad Hop Music Festival will have seven different venues for live music including:

  • Red Bicycle Hall
  • Off Broadway Taproom
  • House of Jane Songwriter Sessions
  • Mad Paddle Brewstillery
  • Thomas Family Winery
  • The Electric Lady
  • City of Madison City Hall

See the 2022 Event Schedule below where each of the seven venues have come together to host five shows each in one day!

There will be over thirty music acts for you to enjoy. This is Madison’s first music festival that is an all-in-one-day affair! Starting at 11:00am and going until around 7pm, you’ll be grooving around the clock! Festival organizer Tony Novello shared that this year’s festival will feature a diverse blend of genres from blues, jazz, rock, to bluegrass. There will also be a good mix of local, regional, and national talent performing. Some big Madison household names include Rusty Bladen, Amy Noel, Fuzzy Rojas, and Jimmy Davis. Grammy-award winner and talented bluegrass artist Michael Cleveland will also be one of the more nationally-known acts performing at the Mad Hop Music Festival. As Tony says, “there’s a little bit of something for everyone!” With over thirty acts and tickets costing only $35, you’re getting a great deal with “a buck a band!” Will call for Mad Hop Music Festival will be at the Historic Ohio Theatre. Click here to get your tickets now!

One of the festival volunteers Charlie Rohlfing shares his perspective on the role that music plays in our community:  “If you read my Charlie’s Beat column in the [Madison Courier] newspaper you know I’m a big promoter of Madison as Indiana’s Music City. That name means a lot of things, not the least of which is our extensive list of venues where you can enjoy live music virtually every weekend, and most weeknights, too. But it’s also about the deep resource of great musical talent we have right here in Madison and the surrounding region. That’s why is so gratifying to see our music festivals booking more and more local acts to fill their line-ups. You’re seeing it with Mad Hop Music Fest, where at least a third of the bands have local connections. But you’re also seeing it in the other festivals like Roostertail and Ribberfest. When outside people come to these festivals I know they are going to be amazed and delighted to see that so much awesome talent is homegrown right here.”

We are looking forward to seeing this festival continue to grow!

What are other upcoming music festivals this year in Madison?

No matter what time of year it is, whether you enjoy the sound of soulful voices or the horns of a brass band, Madison has something for everyone. Follow our social media or website for weekly posts where you’ll find anywhere from 5 to 8 venues a week serving up talented artists amongst all our flavorful flares and award-winning breweries and wineries. Planning a vacation/staycation at least once a month in Indiana’s Music City is good for the soul. Also keep an eye on Madison Music Movement’s music calendar to see upcoming acts in Madison!