An Antiquary’s Dream at Lumber Mill Antique Mall

An Antiquary’s Dream at Lumber Mill Antique Mall
October 20, 2023 Julia Gregory

I have a soft spot for just about anything vintage, so this historic building piqued my interest when I visited. There are endless opportunities to find just about any unique antique, vintage, or collectible item you might be interested in when you walk through these three floors at the Lumber Mill Antique Mall.

This building was built in 1854 as a flour mill, and not long after it was turned into a planing mill fully run by belts. After 100 years of service, they eventually went bankrupt. The now owner, Dean Miller, then bought, renovated, and reopened the building as the Lumber Mill.

When Dean first moved here in the 1980s, he got into antiques due to them being a more affordable alternative to buying new. After a while Dean and his wife’s collection started to accumulate so starting to sell just seemed the right idea.

Owning Their Own Space

When Dean decided to buy the Lumber Mill, he was in for a ride. This area can hold more than 120 spaces! Right now, that consists of a total of 50 vendors with the largest having six spaces and the smallest having just a showcase.

As you treasure hunt among the antiques, you’ll also notice the beautiful history of the building. The entryways are stained with memories.

Vendors here have nice open spaces with clean displays that are eye catching to all collectors, vintage lovers, and antiquaries alike. If you’re lucky enough, you may even catch vendors working their spaces and get a neat backstory!

Deal with the Dealers

Deal with the Dealers is an event that the Lumber Mill hosts annually the first Saturday of March and the first Saturday of November from 10 AM to 5 PM, acting as their spring and winter open houses as well. Shoppers can expect about 30+ vendors to come out for this fun event.

During this event the vendors, also known as dealers, are able to work their spaces and make deals with customers. This is a special moment for vendors to be able to sell their merchandise directly to you. If you’re looking for a picker’s moment this is your time to shine!

The Lumber Mill is by far the largest antique shop in the Madison area with over 16, 000 square feet of fun, but that’s not the only unique thing about this shop. There is an astounding waitlist of over 40 people to get a space here! That is how valuable this antique mall is to vendors and keeps it interesting for visitors.

So, if you find joy in getting lost in the hunt this is all for you. Calling all pickers, antiquaries, and vintage enthusiasts!

When you come to Madison, don’t forget to come down to the Lumber Mill Antique Mall for your next find. This place is sure to have something that you would fall in love with!

By Lydia L. Goebel – Guest Blogger

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