A Hike up the Cat Steps

A Hike up the Cat Steps
September 8, 2012 Visit Madison
Beejay and Angela

Last Wednesday, my 4-year-old daughter and I hiked up the “Cat Steps” to the state hospital. If you’re not familiar, the Cat Steps are a series of old

concrete staircases connected by trails that lead from the railroad incline to the State Hospital. It’s a nice hike, very secluded feeling. We saw five deer during our leisurely ascent. Our descent on the other hand was much more rapid as we could hear thunder approaching. Fortunately, we did make it home before the storm hit.

Why are they called the “Cat Steps?” I’m not really sure, so I tried to find some more information about them and came across an article from the Roundabout in 2008. It seems workers from the State Hospital used them for their commute to and from the Hospital, but the article says there is little information about them.

Cat Steps Trail

Cat Steps part of trail

We have been on many hikes this year. I feel very fortunate that we have the Cats Steps trail, the Railroad incline, the Heritage Trail and all the trails in Clifty Falls right here to enjoy. Earlier this spring, we went on a couple of hikes up the Railroad incline. On one hike we saw two snakes and the biggest toad I’ve ever seen. My daughter still talks about it.

Though we have been out enjoying the landscape all year it will be even more pleasant once it cools a bit more and the leaves change colors. Autumn is my favorite season, and I think everyone would agree that it’s prime hiking weather.

Cat Steps Entrance

Cat Steps Entrance on Left

If you are looking for a good hike this Fall, check out the Cat Steps. Here is a map that shows where they begin. If you want a little more info, please read the Roundabout article here.

Happy Hiking!


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