Main Street Pride

Main Street Pride
June 28, 2023 Julia Gregory


Earlier this month, we attended the monthly meeting of the Rainbow River Club at the Madison Main Street Program’s Office. The room was full of people who were there to offer support, conversation, and ultimately celebrate Pride Month.

Pride Month is a public celebration amplifying LGBTQIA+ voices that are typically unheard. We are lucky to live in a community that actively promotes these voices all year long. A recent example is the partnership between Madison Main Street Program’s Austin Sims and The Chandler Hotel’s Matt Chandler in producing a Main Street Pride sticker to affix to shop windows, homes, etc. This sticker is a public acknowledgment that Madison is better because it fosters a diverse and inclusive community. The demand for the sticker was so high that there had to be another batch printed. It was a very defining moment for us as shop owners to see City of Madison‘s Mayor Bob Courtney share the sticker saying that he’s happy to live in a great community that is welcoming to all.

On our social media posts, you’ll see that we often end them with “We ❤️ Madison!” The love for Madison is because we have been welcomed with open arms to be part of such a vibrant community. We are also surrounded by many other LGBTQIA+ businesses and allies that actively collaborate to make our town better.  We get asked often why we decided to relocate from Louisville to Madison and ultimately the deciding factors were that we felt safe, loved, and able to live and work as our authentic selves.

When somebody asks, “Why celebrate pride?” then the appropriate response is because we want others to know that Madison is a welcoming town full of diverse voices that actively participate in making the town so magical!

If you would like to support LGBTQIA+ shops and their allies then look for the Main Street Pride Sticker. Pride Month may conclude at the end of June, but these shops – likes ours – are thankful for your support every day!

—Ralph London & Justin Preece

Guest Visit Madison Bloggers & Owners of Betty Jeffries & James Dell

Pictures provided by Justin Preece

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