Bring Out Your Creative Side at Little Golden Fox

Bring Out Your Creative Side at Little Golden Fox
July 17, 2023 Julia Gregory

Bring Out Your Creative Side at Little Golden Fox

Walking into The Little Golden Fox and talking to the owner, Cara Fox, made me realize that I miss being creative, especially at this Main Street Mainstay. With their professional guidance and the freedom to add your own creative touch, you’re sure to create your best artwork.

The Little Golden Fox strives to inspire people to be creative and have fun. They are known for being a place where artists unite and for the classes that bring these people together.

Whether you’re a beginner like me or an expert, all are welcomed. The atmosphere is calm and encouraging, perfect for allowing your creative juices to flow.

This business is constantly changing. Cara wanted to build a creative business that had the freedom to constantly evolve. This is done by bringing in products that are from multiple different artists and by optimizing the space that she has.

Little Golden Fox is selling primarily handmade items. They source their merchandise locally and mostly with independent small artists. If there is anything that is sold on a large-scale she either knows them or met them personally.

You can find just about anything that you may need for a project at Little Golden Fox. Including their constantly growing fabric selection which is said to “grow by the yard”. With their wide selection, if you’re in a DIY mode, this is the place to be.

Cara’s dream is to make Madison a retreat destination. She hosts retreats and classes and is constantly learning more and more to contribute to her dream. Visitors want experiences and Little Golden Fox has plenty of those to offer.


Creative Classes Galore

Little Golden Fox offers an astonishing variety of creative classes throughout the year. These include but are not limited to:

  • Canvas, pottery, and sign painting
  • Sewing
  • Sourdough making
  • Mosaics
  • Clay

A lot of the classes are taught by Cara and if she doesn’t know the creative medium she will find someone who does!

These classes are busy with an average of 15-20 participants and about 20-30 maximum. Look for updates about their upcoming events by following their Instagram, Facebook or learn more about reserving a spot on their website today!

Even when it comes to retreats as Cara said, “nothing compares to what we have here.” Madison is an experience and people see that when they visit. This is something that Cara wants to share with the world.

If you are looking to explore your creative side with other artists, this is the place for you! Complete a DIY project, paint something for your living room, or finally get into sewing. Get inspired and have fun at Little Golden Fox!

By Lydia L. Goebel – Guest Blogger


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