Improve Your Manners, Improve Your Life

Improve Your Manners, Improve Your Life
August 25, 2023

Etiquette Is About Building Relationships

Etiquette Enrichment was created in 2013 to help people feel more comfortable in any situation, and others to feel comfortable with them.  This can lead to more success in your relationships, which is important for any age.  Etiquette is not about memorizing multiple complicated rules, but includes manners, consideration, and connection with people around you.

As a young girl, Sallie Plass was interested in learning protocol and about norms in social situations.  Historically, etiquette was taught in schools, but is no longer included in standard curriculums.  Plass saw a need for a business to restore etiquette education to all ages.

Etiquette is about how you treat others, not only in society, but at home with your closest loved ones.  Although the rules are not as formal for home, the same consideration can be practiced and shown.

Knowing basic manners allows us to relax and impacts our ability to connect with others. We don’t need to worry about what to do while applying for: jobs, schools, grants, scholarships, and in general networking.  Research shows that 83% of companies hire because of soft skills rather than specific credentials.

There are a few basic rules that can apply in many situations.  If you feel that you have made an error, continue without drawing more attention to the mistake.  In dining etiquette, follow the host when you are unsure.  In business etiquette, follow the lead of the person who invited you.  Social etiquette is always about being considerate of others.

George Bernard Shaw- “There is no accomplishment as easy to acquire as politeness, and none more profitable.”

Make It An Experience

Sallie Plass advocates for professional development etiquette classes, where a group or individual could incorporate the class with other offerings in Madison. Any length class can be customized for your group and combined with interests and entertainment options.  For example, a dining tutorial connecting salespeople with clients could be followed with a tour of Madison’s historic sites. A family wants a social etiquette class combined with hiking in Clifty Falls State Park. A student club wants to learn interview etiquette and then attend some fun music events that include a recording session. Restaurants want their employees to learn better service etiquette and then combine with a tour of local food establishments.

Clients include groups like the University of Kentucky football team, Accountants, Lawyers, Financial teams, schools, churches, non-profit groups, Boys and Girls Club, Doctors, I.U., Ivy Tech, U of L, 4-H, and many others. The class can be as simple as a dining tutorial without a meal, or an all-day or multi-day seminar.

There are four class categories:  Manners for Girls and Boys, Manners for Teens, Business and Social Etiquette for Adults, Life Coaching-Enneagram Coaching.  For information:


By Sallie Plass – Guest Blogger

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