The Pearl Plate, Madison’s Only Kitchenware Store

The Pearl Plate, Madison’s Only Kitchenware Store
September 8, 2023 Julia Gregory

As a born and true Madisonian, Tyler understands the struggle to find certain products in this small town. The Pearl Plate is one of the few shops that has been created to fill in that gap.

The owner, Tyler Mingione, grew up interested in cooking at a young age. Although she didn’t go on to get a culinary degree or become a cooking expert, she still enjoys cooking and baking as a hobby. 

Most importantly, she enjoys the memories made and the conversations had while cooking with her family. So when she set out to open this business, she wanted to help give others that warm feeling she gets when she cooks, as well as fill a need the town was not yet fulfilling.

Because family is so important to her, she wanted to remember her grandmother in some way when naming her new business. No, her grandmother’s name was not Pearl. But it was her birthstone, so that’s where the name The Pearl Plate came to life. She believes her grandmother would be looking down proudly at her, and definitely would love the fact that she now has a store named after her!

(Pictured is owner Tyler and her Granny Donna with full family dinner bellies)

The Pearl Plate opened Chautauqua weekend of 2022, which is always the last weekend of September. The Pearl Plate is a kitchenware and houseware shop that offers anything from cookware, dinnerware, and cookbooks to storage containers, hand-poured candles, and more. 

Although Tyler’s goal with The Pearl Plate is to offer all kitchen necessities, as well as unique treasures you wouldn’t find elsewhere, she also strives to be a destination for people looking for gifts, whether it’s for a housewarming, wedding, birthday, anniversary, or even a baby shower (yes, she has products for that too!). 

[Picture source: Wonderland Studios]

Something For Everyone 

Even if you’re not a cook, there’s something for everyone at The Pearl Plate. Whether you’re just window shopping, looking for a gift for a loved one, or you’re on a mission for something specific, Tyler is there to help you find what you’re looking for. There are so many unique products here that you just won’t find anywhere else. 

The Pearl Plate serves the need for kitchenware and/or houseware that is worth your money, is beautiful yet also serves a purpose, offers a family heirloom, and hopefully one day will be primarily curated by local artists. 

Now Offering Wedding Registries for Couples Near and Far

And great news for newlyweds, they recently introduced a new service—wedding registries! Come into the shop or shoot them a message through their [soon to be fully-launched] website at The process is simple—you’ll have an initial appointment with Tyler so she can learn your tastes and preferences, and then she will take it from there. 

Pictured is Luana Pego & Taylor Rhoten picking out their registry gifts at The Pearl Plate!

Her goal with wedding registries is to take this busy task off of the couple as they plan for their big day. From helping pick out products to keeping track of who bought what to communicating with wedding guests and even offering a delivery service for guests attending local weddings, she covers it all. If that’s not personal service, I don’t know what is.

Join Them For Their 1st Year Anniversary Event, September 30th

The Pearl Plate will be celebrating their one-year anniversary on September 30th! 

(Tyler pictured with her first dollar on her grand opening day, September 2022). 

I really can’t believe it’s been a whole year since opening. We have so many fun things planned. We’re working with multiple local businesses to help us celebrate and as a way for me to say thank you to our customers for allowing us to make it this far. And maybe the most exciting thing that we’re doing is donating 10% of our weekend sales to the school I grew up in, Southwestern Schools. These funds will go directly to those students who need financial help with school lunch debt.” — Tyler

Each week, The Pearl Plate has announced a fun thing they have planned for the weekend, including but not limited to new product releases, free locally-made cookies with each purchase, and fun business pop-ups outside of the shop. Check out their Facebook event group to stay up to date on all of what’s to come.

The Future of The Pearl Plate

Tyler has many plans for The Pearl Plate, including the highly-anticipated cooking classes. The possibilities are endless with this niche business she has built here in Madison, and she’s super excited for what’s to come. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about their products and offerings. 

As Madison’s only kitchenware store, The Pearl Plate is eager to welcome people in the community, as well as tourists, into their shop doors with the hope that they will leave with a memorable experience. Many people say there’s nothing quite like a visit to Madison, and The Pearl Plate is here to help contribute to that truth. 

[Picture source: Wonderland Studios]

By Tyler Mingione – Guest Blogger

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