Heal Your Mind and Body at HH Apothecary & Co.

Heal Your Mind and Body at HH Apothecary & Co.
December 7, 2023 sarah@visitmadison.org

A visitor recently shared with us that when they walked in to HH Apothecary & Co. they were in love with the aesthetics, commenting that it was just beautiful. Holly, one of the owners, described it as an old apothecary look with the shine and shimmer of Hollywood, along with an enchanted “Wonderland” feel, “This is what our life looks like and the store reflects it.”

Holly and Jae, the owners of HH Apothecary & Co., have been involved in the health, wellness, and fitness industry for nearly two decades. Their goals were to introduce new and improved ways to promote health and wellness in modern times and make it possible for busy people to incorporate wellness as a part of a daily routine.



Healing Through Plants

Everything you will see at HH Apothecary & Co. is based around the healing magic of plants.

As you enter, you will see larger than life floral creations and one of a kind floral art. In the front of the store resides the fresh flower shop.  As well as offering all of the traditional facets of a floral shop, here you can indulge in the joy, happiness, and healing of fresh flowers as well as learning about the language of flowers, one of many workshops offered at HH Apothecary & Co.

As you venture into the middle of the boutique, it is filled with all natural, organic, and handcrafted bath & body products. Every product is created from the enormous wall of plants and flowers that adorn the walls at HH Apothecary, which allows you to care for your entire body. These all-natural products—including serums, balms, salves, and elixirs—will keep your body healthy while promoting love for yourself and the planet through sustainable, eco-friendly products.

As you move farther into HH Apothecary & Co., you will enter the Tea Room.

Adorning the walls, you will find over 200 varieties; you can pick and choose from teas from all over the world. Teas for the purest and teas for those that love to blend their own concoctions. HH Apothecary & Co. is proud to directly source from over 190 farms where the tea or plant is grown. But it doesn’t end with tea because the walls are filled with roots, herbs, barks, and more flowers. All with the intention of healing from the inside out.

HH Apothecary & Co. Tea Café offers savories, scones, and sweet treats every day, along with a lunch menu. Offering made from scratch baked goods exclusively by their in-house baker. You can visit daily to enjoy tea and a delicious scone, a quick lunch, or a full afternoon tea! They even offer delivery directly to your home or office!



Every Day is an Experience

To Jae and Holly their products are secondary, it is all about an experience-based adventure. An atmosphere for you to enjoy, learn and enhance healing.

HH Apothecary & Co., also offers community events weekly and monthly. A traditional English style Afternoon Tea is hosted at least once a month and for every holiday, every month of the year.

HH Apothecary & Co., continues to grow, as their brand new, HH Apothecary & Co. Wellness Center celebrates it grand opening in January 2024. Offering group fitness, a full workout center, and more! For more information make sure to stop in to ask Holly and Jae about this new adventure into wellness. Offering Madison locals and visitors a place to improve and exceed their personal health and wellness.

The goal of HH Apothecary & Co. is to offer experiences for their customers. Experiences can bring healing and through the experiences that HH Apothecary & Co. offer,  Jae and Holly strive to educate, inspire, and encourage all people and lead toward healing. Healing of the body and mind.

Looking for a new, exciting, and natural way to better your health?

Visit HHApothecaryandCo.com to learn more!

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